mcesar-rlacruz 2021/02/20
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created by mcesar-rlacruz

A theme aimed at reading long texts avoiding distractions. This goal is achieved:

This overall scarcity of ornament gives Compact a someway sober or austere look, but it is a nice theme to keep your attention on long texts avoiding disturbances. It was designed to look like classical or vintage printed books.


The above text rendered with Compact.

Common markup and lists.

Code blocks and quotations.


Tables, footnotes, inlined HTML and fonts.



  1. Download the zip file of the latest release from GitHub, extract it to get folder compact and file compact.css
  2. Open Typora, in Preferences…, click on Apperance, then on Open Theme Folder
  3. Put compact folder and compact.css file into the open folder
  4. Select the Compact theme from the Themes menu

Compact was designed upon Windows 10. It has been tested in both macOS (Big Sur) and Linux (Ubuntu), working as expected (even full text justify is working in macOS)

The thumbnail for this theme was based on that from the Vintage theme.