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jinghu-moon 2022/03/27
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See Yue 主题

1.1 主题介绍 / Theme Introduction

See Yue 主题是一个自定义样式极多、简约、充满细节的 Typora 明亮主题。

See Yue 主题针对中文做了优化。See Yue 可译为望月

See Yue 主题以 vue 主题为框架,参考了网上诸多的教程和 Typora 主题,才制作出来。非常感谢他们的无私分享!

See Yue theme is a highly customizable, minimalistic and bright Typora theme full of details.

See Yue theme is optimized for Chinese. see Yue can be translated to look at the moon.

See Yue theme uses vue theme as a framework, referring to many online tutorials and Typora themes to make it. Thank you very much for their selfless sharing!

1.2 注意 / Attention

1.3 主题效果 / Theme Effect


更多样式请访问主题仓库 jinghu-moon/ 文件详细地描述了 See Yue 主题的效果。

The following pictures show the effect of the theme.

For more styles, please visit the theme repository jinghu-moon/typora-see-yue-theme , file describes in detail the effects of the See Yue theme.

图 1 / Figure 1


图 2 / Figure 2


图 3 / Figure 3