# How to install a theme

  • Download theme from this website or other place.

  • Open typora. Click the "Open Theme Folder" button in the `Preference Panel` → `Appearance` section.

  • Put downloaded content into the opened folder. Make sure your css files are directly under that directory.


# How to write a theme

  • Write custom CSS styles for h1, p, blockquote, etc.

  • Download the toolkit. Copy content into `test.css` from the toolkit folder, and check rendered HTML in browser.

  • Name your css using use lowercase and "-" (no capitalized characters or whitespace), eg: my-typora-theme.css.

  • Follow instructions for "install theme", and test in typora.


# How to submit a theme

  • Fork this site on Github

  • Create a new post in the `_posts` directory and fill out the relevant YAML fields

  • Make a 250x200 thumbnail and drop it in the `thumbnails` directory. List its filename in the post's markdown file.

  • Test it out (also test your theme), then push your changes up and open a pull request.


# More Tips & Docs on Styles


# About this Site

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