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Blackout Theme

Your last Typora night theme. 你的最后一款 Typora 夜间主题。

Have you been using Typora for writing for a long time, but suffer from no suitable night theme? After half a year of polishing, Blackout has finally become a mature night theme. Unlike other night themes, Blackout has clear text and elegant rounded corners. Whether you’re writing a paper in your dormitory or taking notes in the library, Blackout is the perfect choice for you. A good theme can save you a lot of time.

长期使用 Typora 写作,却苦于没有合适的夜间主题?历经小半年的打磨,Blackout(你可以叫它黑夜封锁或黑障)终于成为了一款成熟的夜间主题。和其他夜间主题不同,Blackout 有着清晰的文字和优雅的圆角。无论是在宿舍攥写论文,还是在图书馆记录笔记,Blackout 都是你的绝佳选择。一个好的主题能给你节省不少时间。


Experience is the mother of wisdom, and the choice of many features of the Blackout theme is related to my long-term experience in using Typora. To avoid images taking up a lot of space while writing, inserted images are scaled to fit. To prevent the writing position from being too narrow, the page can still be scrolled down a certain distance after scrolling. In addition, I also selected some excellent themes to compare their pros and cons, choosing the best and discarding the dross.

实践出真知,Blackout 主题很多特点的取舍都关乎我长期使用 Typora 的经验。为避免在写作时图片占据大量空间,插入的图片会被缩放至合适大小。为避免写作位置过于狭窄,页面滚动完后仍然能往下滚一段距离。此外我还选择了一些优秀的主题来比较它们的优劣,取其精华,去其糟粕。


The Blackout Gamer theme is a theme suitable for presentations, making the reading experience comfortable and modern. This theme does not scale images but inherits the beautiful rounded corner design of the Blackout theme.

Blackout Gamer 主题是一个适用于展示的主题,阅读体验很舒适且充满现代感。这个主题不会缩小图片,但是继承了 Blackout 主题优美的圆角设计。