GitHub Night

Yann Defretin 2021/01/14
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GitHub Night Themes for Typora

Three dark themes that reproduces the new GitHub Dark Themes, recently deployed on their website:


  1. Download the zipped project package or the latest stable release.
  2. Launch Typora and open Preferences from the app menu.
  3. Go to the Appearance tab, and choose Open Theme Folder.
  4. Copy all the github-night*.css files and the github-night folder to your Typora theme library.
  5. Launch or restart Typora and choose one of the Github Night themes from the theme menu.


All the screenshots below feature the default GitHub Night Dark Theme, “GitHub Night”.


Source Mode

Focus Mode

Code Blocks & Folders Menu


Other theme in Typora

I made another theme for Typora, a dark blue one. It’s called “Hivacruz” and you can find it here:

Other themes in other apps

I made other themes for different applications. Here there are: