Jarvis Mercer 2018/10/28
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This Typora theme was inspired by the design of Light Dracula Atom / Dropbox / Nuclide Facebook.

It was coded, designed and tested on macOS Mojave. It has not yet been tested on Windows/Linux but it probably works because CSS/HTML works similarly everywhere. Requires Typora ≥ v0.

This theme has two styles :

  1. Lavender
  2. RTL Lavender

The lavender style is compatible with all languages but does not show rtl languages correctly

RTL Lavender style is compatible with RTL languages such as: Arabic , Hebrew , Persian, Kurdi, etc.

Note: For those who want to use Lavender theme on Jetbrain IDEs

Jetbrain IDE Lavender

Jetbrain IDEs Rainglow collection color scheme

English Lavender


English Lavender


Persian RTL Lavender



All objects and fonts used in this theme are rights to their owners.

Use them in right way ✅