BEATREE 2020/08/08
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Maize Theme

A simple and elegant theme of Typora

The code box style is based on typora’s theme typora-theme-pie and a little changed.

About Maize

The main color of this theme is Maize Yellow, so I named it Maize.

It’s concise and easy to read.


Maize_zh Maize_en

How to install Maize

  1. Download Maize from this page or other place.

  2. Open typora. Click “Open Theme Folder” button from Preference PanelAppearance section.

  3. Put downloaded content into the opened folder, make sure your css files are directly under that directory.

  4. Restart your Typora, then click Themes to choose Maize

Designed and tested on Windows 10. Not fully tested, but should work for Macos/Linux. But this theme does not include styles for Windows “unibody” style.