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基于 Hexo 主题 Nexmoe 的 Typora 移植。

A Typora theme based on hexo theme Nexmoe.



特点 Features

  1. 彩虹🌈色调,轻快色彩 Nexmoe 支持彩虹系列配色,多种颜色可供个性表达(●’◡’●) Colorful🌈 themes, colorful personalities Nexmoe support a series of colors, which help you express your personality

  2. 线上博客 & 日常记录 & 文档打印 多合一 不只是个性表达——Nexmoe 同时提供与其他主题相似的简约白、简约黑配色,打印效果好ヾ(≧▽≦*)o Online Blog & Daily Record & Document ALL IN ONE Not just personality expression - Nexmoe also provides simple white and simple black colors similar to other themes, and the printing effect is good

  3. 多语言支持 Multilanguages SUPPORT

    目前支持中文和英文,理论上大部分中西文都可以正常使用 Currently supports Chinese and English, theoretically most languages can be used normally

样例 Examples

image Nexmoe-Apple(红色) image Nexmoe-Grape(紫色)

用法 Usage

下载,解压,全部放到主题文件夹,重启 Typora

Download, Extract, Put all above into the theme folder, Restart Typora


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