heisenburger 2019/01/11
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Designed and tested on macOS. This theme includes styles for Windows “unibody” elements.

Updated 31 DEC 2020: Added support for automatic dark mode!


A theme for Typora. Optimised for easy reading. Based on the styling for my personal website.

Notable features

Local typefaces only

For ultra-fast performance and the smallest footprint on your computer, this theme uses only preinstalled typefaces. This means your theme might look different to the thumbnails, but it should still look beautiful nonetheless. (Though if you’d like to replicate exactly what you see in the thumbnails, check out the font stack).

This also means your Typora will work beautifully offline. Internet-free writing retreat, here we come!

Varied heading styles

There is a range of display, serif, sans-serif, allcaps and smallcaps title styles for you to use.

Comfortable reading measure

Paragraph text will never trail too long across the screen, making reading comfortable and speedy.

Responsive styling

Headers, margins, text sizes and content positioning will all scale with the window, giving you the best reading and writing experience no matter what window size.

New: Automatic dark mode

You do not need to manually set another theme for dark mode — this one theme will automatically adjust its colours to match your operating system’s light/dark mode setting.

Font stack

A few people have asked me what fonts you need installed to render the fonts displayed in the sample screenshots. The typefaces that you see are:


This theme should support all the usual elements. If you find that it doesn’t support an element you use, please feel free to drop me a message or open an issue on the repo.

Happy reading and writing!


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