DaoDaoLee 2021/02/04
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Scrolls Theme for Typora

created by DaoDaoLee

A theme based on the skin tone of sheepskin rolls,Inspired by softgreen and techo,font borrowed from JetBrain Mono,code color matching is borrowed from atom。

More read, and More protect eyes!

Now it supports light and dark!

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  1. Download the theme package,click Here.
  2. Launch Typora, and open Preferences (OSX), or open setting(windows).
  3. Go to the Appearance Tab, and choose Open Theme Folder.
  4. ModeSelect
    1. If you want to use lightMode, Copy the file scrolls and the cssFile scrolls.css to your Typora theme library.
    2. If you want to use darkMode, Copy the file scrolls-dark and the cssFile scrolls-dark.css to your Typora theme library.
    3. Setting scrolls to Light theme, and setting scrolls-dark to Dark theme.
  5. Restart Typora and choose scrolls or scrolls-dark from the theme menu.