aCluelessDanny 2019/03/04
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A theme for the wonderful Typora, inspired by Bear’s colors and elegancy.


Uses Avenir Next LT Pro and Adelle fonts, & the colors are based on Bear’s Red Graphite and Dark Graphite themes.

Code fence themes are adapted from CodeMirror’s 3024 Day and Dracula themes for Ursine Polar and Umbra, respectively.

Note: These themes have been designed and tested on MacOS and partially on Windows. They have not been fully tested, but they should theoretically work fine for Windows and Linux.

Now with unibody styling!


Decompress the latest release from here. In Typora’s preferences windows, go to General -> Themes and click on Open Theme Folder. Drop all the decompressed files and folders in there, and enjoy!~

Ursine Polar

Polar Preview 1

Polar Preview 2

Polar Preview 3

Polar Source Code Preview

Polar Unibody Preview

Ursine Umbra

Umbra Preview 1

Umbra Preview 2

Umbra Preview 3

Umbra Source Code Preview

Umbra Unibody Preview